Fiesta Island Park Precise Plan (Mission Bay Park, San Diego)   

Welcome to the Fiesta Island Park Precise Plan Public Site

The purpose of this website is to provide a timely source of information and an opportunity for public engagement in the effort to create a “General Development Plan” (GDP) for Fiesta Island. The GDP will provide more precise plans and detailed concepts that will guide how park, recreation and supporting facilities can be added to Fiesta Island.

We are seeking your input to help update and refine the 1994 adopted master plan for Fiesta Island prior to formal City Council approval of the plan. A primary goal of the project is to enhance the qualities of this regional recreational asset to better serve all San Diegans and visitors without removing the current uses or changing the character of the island as it currently exists. Future uses will be limited to habitat enhancement, open space protection and new park and recreational facilities to support existing uses. No new commercial leases are proposed and no development of non-park facilities is being contemplated.

This site allows you to download previous plans, existing studies, meeting notices, agendas, meeting minutes, schedules, contacts, initial concepts for close review. The site also allows you to participate in on-line surveys.